Sunday, 12 September 2010

Elysian Fields

Untitled from Martin Oliver on Vimeo.

Elysian Fields was my first animated film made many years ago back in 2001.
I was to make three short films set to music, which eventually turned to four. So there are now two animated shorts and two live action. There is no real story except that the bravery of the bull is to be rewarded with eternal bliss in the Elysian Fields.
It was animated the old way, pencil on paper and shot on a video camera. The music is by Leftfield.

flying from Martin Oliver on Vimeo.

Flying is my second animated film using a piece of music by Death in Vegas. This was finished last year and is based on the theme of flying. The idea was to start with the natural and move to the man made, which eventually get used as machines of war.